On 10 December 2013 the I Seminar PRF-IKS for doctoral students entitled "The role of higher education in the development of the knowledge society" took place at the Polish Rectors Foundation.

The main topic of this seminar were the changes in the higher education system in Poland. At the beginning Prof. E. Chmielecka together with Prof. A. Kraśniewski presented the changes that have occurred in the higher education system from the last seminar in previous academic year (2012/2013). Afterwards, during the first Session entitled "New tasks for univeristy" Prof. E. Chmielecka delivered a speech entitled "The university as an "integrator" of long life learning system". Prof. Kraśniewski gave a lecture "Implementation of National Frameworks of Qualification in Polish universities: the results of benchmarking researches". During the II Session "Higher Education and Social Policy" the panelists were Prof. E. Kotowska (Warsaw School of Economics - the presentation entitled "The change of paradigmat of model of social policy") and dr A. Chłoń-Domińczak (Educational Research Institute - the presentation entitled " The learning such social investment in the light of new EU documents").

In compliance with the guidelines of Seminar, the Session of doctoral students also took place, during which the participants presented results of their doctoral thesis.