On 17 March 2015 the President of PRF together with the President of CRASP  presented the Ministry of Science and Higher Education "Higher education development program by 2020",, which was prepared by PRF.

The Presidium of CRASP adopted this publication on 27  February 2015.

The report of the Standing Committee concerning the realization of the program >>>

The act of the CRASP Presidium to approve the publication "Higher education development program by 2020">>>

The Program contains the following detailed reports, prepared by the individual groups who implemented the project headed by the project leads:

 1. Summary of work conducted in accordance to the higher education development program by 2020 and its most important elements - prof. Jerzy Woźnicki

2. The social mission of higher education in the XXI century - ks. prof Andrzej Szostek

3. Current state of higher education - prof. Jarosław Górniak

4. Funding of universities by public funds - prof. Jerzy Wilkin 

5. Deregulation of the higher education system- prof. Jerzy Woźnicki

In the coming weeks the Program will be the main topic of discussion rectors - members of CRASP, which will be summarized during the Plenary Assemble Meeting on 22nd of May 2015.