Polish Rectors Foundation in copperation with  PCG Academia is the substantive partner of Leaders in University Management – LUMEN 2017 Competition.  Submissions of best projects in efficient university management will be accepted until 30 June via the website www.lumen.edu.pl.

The idea behind the LUMEN Competition, initiated at the initiative of the consulting and technological company PCG Academia in 2015, is to identify and to promote best practice in the area of professional university management.

The competition is addressed to the managerial staff of Polish universities and designed to identify and promote the best managed projects at universities. The first edition of the LUMEN competition drew 65 universities from all over Poland, which submitted almost 170 applications. Awards for efficient management in five areas of professional university management were granted to rectors, managers and teams from eleven universities.

LUMEN 2017 is organized by PCG Academia, part of a global consulting company Public Consulting Group. This year’s, second edition of the LUMEN competition is a new opening, with an improved formula elaborated by partners and distinguished management theoreticians, members of the Competition Board appointed by PCG. The substantive partner of the initiative is the Polish Rectors Foundation. The respective competition categories also have well-known partners:

  • Development: “Implementation of projects and undertakings within the framework of implementation of the university development strategy” – the partner of the category is Rzeczpospolita Journal;
  • Management: “Innovative management methods in the fields of education, scientific research and university organization” – the partner of the category is the company Pearson Central Europe;​
  • Cooperation: “Shaping relationships with the university stakeholders: students, employers, scientific partners, local community” – the partner is the Santander Universidades program, implemented by Bank Zachodni WBK.

Awards in the abovementioned categories are granted to persons or teams in charge of implementation of management projects or undertakings in the academic sector. Candidates for the award may comprise management leaders from both public and private universities.

Candidatures may be submitted by rectors, representatives of universities’ associations, winners of the previous edition of the competition, representatives of companies cooperating with the university on the implementation of the submitted project, members of the Competition Board and partners of the competition. Submissions should describe the efficient university management project that a given person or team was in charge of implementing.

Each submission will be evaluated by the Board chaired by Professor Jerzy Woźnicki, president of the Polish Rectors Foundation, professor of the Warsaw University of Technology and the former rector of that university. The Board will select the nominees and the winners that will be announced during the next LUMEN conference, this November.

Submissions should be sent via the website www.lumen.edu.pl, where the competition regulations are also available. For details, you can also contact the LUMEN Project Bureau at: (22) 53 53 712 or at the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..