PRF together with Pearson Central Europe has been working on the implementation of the project entitled "Level 5 of the Polish NQF" which aims at introducing of the level 5 into the system of higher education, which includes the following activities.

- The research to identify how the competences acquired outside the system of higher education as well as learning outcomes got in non-formal and informal learning (VNFILO) can be placed at Level 5, and how they can be validated. Level 5 seems to be particularly connected with RPL activities.

- The research indicates how professional competencies based on occupational standards can be integrated into the study programs on Level 5.

- The study on the application of quality assurance procedures and criteria (Polish Accreditation Commission, external QA agencies acting within the academic community) to programs on Level 5: review of solutions, recommendations on the required amendments in legislation (if any).

- Preparation of justification for the introduction of the Level 5 of NQF to the higher education system in Poland - contribution to the draft of a new Law on Higher Education and Science (so called Law 2.0).

Conference “Level 5 – Missing Link. University, Society, Labor Market”.

Conference “Level 5 – Missing Link. University, Society, Labor Market” was held on March 14, 2017 in the conference hall of the “Novotel Warszawa Centrum”. It was aimed at sharing the knowledge on Level 5 to wide academic and non-academic community to promote the idea of introducing of Level 5 to the national Polish legislation. Research results and conclusions after the wide debates on the Level 5 of the Polish Qualifications Framework as a potential education area also relevant for higher education were presented to the wide and diversified audience, including representatives of HEIs, academic community, business and socio-economic environment, experts and other interested persons and institutions.

This conference finalized the results of a three-year research project titled "Level 5 of the National Qualification Framework" implemented by the Polish Rectors' Foundation together with the institutional partner Pearson Central Europe and a group of participating universities.


The research results related to the project implementation in the years 2013-2016 were published in the FRP publications under the titles:


Approximately 180 participants attended the Conference. The following honorary guests gave a brief opening speech: prof. Jerzy Woźnicki - President of the Polish Rectors Foundation, prof. Aleksander Bobko – Vice-Minister of Science and Higher Education and prof. Jan Szmidt - President of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools of Poland. As regards the work on level 5 PRK, representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Bartołomiej Banaszak), the Ministry of National Education (Director Urszula Martynowicz) and the National Council of Science and Higher Education (Prof. Zbigniew Marciniak) presented their opinion. General Manager of the LEIDO Foundation from the Netherlands Hans Daale was the special guest of the conference.

Conference programme


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