Origin of the Polish Rectors Foundation

The idea of the Polish Rectors Foundation (PRF) arose as a result of discussions among members of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (CRASP), based on a belief that there was no sufficent conceptual support for transformation of higher education and scientific research system. Such a support is necessary to prepare analyses and documents by higher education institutions and other bodies obligated to state their opinions and to make decisions in area of education and scientific research. Such a support is also essential for activities carried out by the Polish Conferences of Rectors on international level, especially their contribution to the development of the European Higher Education Area, as well as of the European Research Area.

Since the widening of existing conceptual support for transformation of education system in Poland through the establishment of a research institution which would have adequate authority seemed desirable, the work on a concept of such an institution was initiated. Research was carried out within a project financed by Leopold Kronenberg Foundation, with support of CRASP and UNESCO European Centre for Higher Education Studies (CEPES).

The Presidium of CRASP, after being introduced to results of this research study, on December 2000 adopted a resolution in which it is stated:

„a proper way for an implementation of this concept would be to establish a Research Institute – the Polish Rectors Foundation, founded by those rectors, members of CRASP, who will recognise this initiative as worth of their support”. Rectors also stated that “founding such an institute, as a non-governmental institution, would be an important step in the process of creation of a new deal in the area of education and science, less succeptible to political changes.”

Establishment of the Polish Rectors Foundation

As a result of further discussions, a decision on the establishment of the Polish Rectors Foundation (PRF), with a scientific research unit, was taken. PRF was founded on 7 June 2001.

Considering the interest which an initiative to establish a reasearch institute has drawn among rectors of non-public higher education institutions and the need for providing as wide support for the institute as possible, i.e. support from public and non-public sector of higher education, the Polish Rectors Foundation initiated activities intended to set up the institute jointly by the Foundation and its partners representing non-public higher education institutions.

 Our goals

  • acting for the benefit of education, especially higher education, science and culture in Poland,
  • supporting scientific, educational and cultural policy of the state as well as institutions and individuals acting for the benefit of education, science and culture,
  • supporting and awarding students and young scientists.

Forms of activity

  • promotion of development of education, science and culture acting for the benefit of wide-spreading of higher education and equality of educational opportunities for young people
  • promoting the offer of education institutions
  • awarding achievements the development of national education
  • promoting life-long learning as well as increasing an interest of citizens in education
  • carrying out, organizing and supporting research on strategic problems of education and science, with special attention paid to European integration
  • carrying out research and making expertises for academic community in Poland
  • carrying out, organizing and supporting research on educational policy and its interaction with higher education
  • monitoring processes in higher education and interactions between higher education and secondary education
  • developing and giving access to databases on higher education and science as well as assisting in organizing project teams
  • participating in activities for the benefit of national culture
  • promoting and acting for the benefit of the development of information society and knowledge-based economy
  • initiating and organizing public debates in the area of science, education and culture, as well as dissemination of its results
  • assisting individuals and institutions which work on improvment of education and scientific research system
  • cooperation with national and foregin institutions acting in area of higher education and science
  • organizing conferences, training programs and seminars
  • issuing regular and occasional publications on higher education and science


The Polish Rectors Foundation among leading institutions engaged in higher education research

Higher Education: A Worldwide Inventory of Research Centers, Academic Programs, and Journals and Publications (2015, The Boston College, Laura E. Rumbley, Philip G. Altbach, et.al.) 

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