On September 27, 2018, the Polish Rectors Foundation organized a seminar for the senior managers of the strategic partners of PRF-IKS: PCG Poland, PCG Academia, Pearson Central Europe, devoted to higher education development in Ukraine and new systemic conditions of the university functioning.

Ukraine being an associate member of the European Union, participant of the Bologna Process and the European Research Area, is a country open to various substantive and developmental solutions, especially in the system of higher education. Cooperation with Ukraine in various spheres and at various levels has is developing very intensively.

Leading Ukrainian experts on higher education were invited. Prof. Taras Finikov, President of the International Fund for Education Policy Research in Kyiv, presented his vision of cooperation with Ukrainian academic institutions: chances, conditions, threats, conditions of success in the light of his own experience. Director of Think Tank CEDOS Yegor Stadny presented the systemic and financial characteristics, as well as selected results of the CEDOS projects - transparency ranking of Ukrainian universities, admission campaign results in 2018. Adjunct researcher Iryna Degtyarova presented legal conditions of the university's operation in Ukraine. As the meeting was of a networking nature, the Executive Director for International Market of the Plagiat.pl Ali Tahmazov also shared his experiences and successes in cooperation in Ukraine.